Autumn Colours | Mt Barker

As the rest of the world celebrates Spring, with daffodils popping out, the air feeling fresher, the grass looking greener and the sun sticking around a little longer; the Southern Hemisphere is slap bang in the middle of Autumn and are capturing its beautiful colours.

Mount Barker Road is the street that I live on, and it’s situated just outside a small rural town in New Zealand’s South Island.

I have been appreciating this area a little more lately, and I wanted to share some photos I have taken on my walks/drive down the street to showcase the Autumn colours. The street itself is very long, and the house aren’t built next to the road. Instead, they are nestled into the hill, which is why the driveways are so magnificent.

What I absolutely love about them all is that they are kept natural. No tacky garden decorations or a tarmac road to be seen.

As well as grand houses and spectacular drives, there are also a lot of animals along Mt Barker Rd. Including deer, sheep, cows, and alpacas! (But it’s so hard to get good photos of them. Especially when they’re trying to keep warm, and away from the road, in Autumn.)

The reds, yellows and oranges of this season are so cosy!

Do you enjoy Autumn? Or do you prefer Spring?

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  1. beautifultiredmind avatar

    Oh my word, those pictures are out of this world and such intense colours! Beautiful X

  2. Thank you for sharing!

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