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Lessons From Covid

Most of my days have been pretty chill recently, since in New Zealand we have been in lockdown for 3 weeks! I wanted to talk a bit about it, especially the way we live during this time in comparison to our usual stress-inducing working lives. So, what are some of the lessons we have been […]

A Weekend Away In Rural New Zealand

I say weekend, but honestly I was only in Haast for 1 full day (2 nights). We drove through what is called the Haast pass from Wanaka on Friday evening. I begrudged going after work, in the dark, as it would be a two hour drive and we would end up arriving around 9pm. Plus, […]

Welcome to Wanaka…

Now, I don’t know if it’s cruel to make a post about this wonderful corner of the world in the midst of a global pandemic, or if it’s a kindness in bringing to light such a magical place – somewhere you should put down on your bucket list! I ended up in Wanaka by accident. […]